Kowloon Baptist Church Kindergarten is a mission outreach of the Kowloon International Baptist Church since 1975 and we believe that the teaching of Christian principals is an essential element of healthy child development. Our kindergarten is a unique one focusing on interactive learning through play and Christian elements.

Through our program, students who do not come form Christian backgrounds are learning to trust God with their lives and the lives of their families. We facilitate parenting cruces and workshops to help support our community in their desire to learn and understand how to create a happy, successful family life.

KBCK is a place where God’s creation and HIS love are explored daily and in everything that is learned. Education has always been a part of Hong Kong’s society; however, the environment in which one learns is as important as what one is learning. Our children have learned what it is to be humble and not succumb to the fancy fast paced business-oriented setting as we.

Vision - FAITH


F - Faithful


A - Appreciation


I - Impassioned


T - Trustworthy


H - Humble


KBCK is a Christ centred kindergarten ministry of KBCK which provides a safe and loving English-speaking atmosphere in which a child can explore and discover through learn by play activities. Our Christian based curriculum helps prepare students for academic pursuits, well-formed interpersonal relationships, and a clear knowledge of the love of Jesus.